Introduction to C Programming


  • 講師: シモセラ エドガー
  • 日程: 2022年10月〜2023年01月
  • 曜日時限: 月曜日 4時限(14:45〜16:15)
  • 教室: Online
  • メール:

Due to the effect of the ongoing corona virus, the course has been adapted to be fully online. Video explanations will be provided in an “on-demand”-format (videos viewable anytime) and Q&A will be done with real-time seminars and offline forums.

Depending on the evolution of the corona virus, details are subject to change.


This course focuses on learning the basics of programming with the C programming language. Fundamentals of the Linux operating system are also expected to be acquired. No assumption of previous programming knowledge is required.

This class is fundamental a hands-on programming course. Each week a short explanation is given with regarding a single core concept, afterwards students are given simple related programming exercises to hand-in.

Class Organization

Each week of class will consist of roughly the following content:

  1. Short video to watch explaining the week’s new concepts
  2. 1 hour interactive session with TA support (assistance is optional, but highly recommended)
  3. Homework to hand-in with 2 week deadline
  4. Offline Q&A support


  1. Lecture Overview 資料
  2. Unix Usage 資料
  3. Programming Basics 資料
  4. Floating Point 資料
  5. Branching 資料
  6. Loops I 資料
  7. Loops II 資料
  8. Arrays, Preprocessor 資料
  9. Random Numbers, Math Libraries 資料
  10. Pointers 資料
  11. More Pointers 資料
  12. Characters, Strings 資料
  13. File Input/Output 資料
  14. Structures 資料
  15. Review 資料