Main Research Topics

Augmenting illustrators and designers in everyday tasks

Content Creation


Developing high-performance models for handling large volumes of data

Machine Learning


Understanding image and video data with efficient encodings

Image Processing



  • Open House
    2019年02月26日 A small open house will be organized during March 2019. Given that the laboratory room is not finalized, the open house will take place for a few hours at a seminar room. See below for the particular details.
  • Student Recruitment
    2019年02月25日 Simo-Serra Lab is accepting 4th year students enrolled in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Upon joining the laboratory, students are expected to propose a research topic related to one of the below research areas.


2019年02月 Uploaded Open House 2019 information.
2019年02月 Website has gone online.
2018年10月 Creation of Simo-Serra Laboratory.