Introduction to C Programming

Class Information

This course is a Flip lecture. You must watch a lecture Video before each lesson. You have to solve exercises and submit your answer via CourseN@vi system in each lesson. If you have any questions, you may ask your teacher or teaching assistants.

  • Instructor: Dr. Edgar SIMO-SERRA
  • Dates: Octobre 1st to January 28th
  • Lectures: 3rd Period Mondays (13:00-14:30)
  • Room: Room C, 3rd floor 63 bldg.
  • E-mail:

Watching Videos

If you use Windows operating system, you may watch the video on “CourseN@vi” lesson page. To watch the video, you have to install related software. Or you may watch the video on Waseda Course Channel as well.

MacOS, Linux, Unix:
Under Unix, please use the Waseda Course Channel. It is not allowed to watch the video on “CourseN@vi” under Unix.


You will fail your grade if you attend less than 10 lessons. You must register your attendance on the CourseN@vi system. You will be marked absent if you delay more than 10 minutes.

Attendance registration (CourseN@vi)

Science and Engineering Unix System

This class is necessary for your Unix system ID. You must have your account of the Unix system. You need to apply for getting your account before first lecture.

Create your Unix system ID

Unix Usage


  1. Lecture OverviewSlides, Video
  2. Unix UsageSlides, Video
  3. Programming Basics (1)Slides, Video
  4. Programming Basics (2)Slides, Video
  5. Programming Basics (3)Slides, Video
  6. Programming Basics (4)Slides, Video
  7. Programming Basics (5)Slides, Video
  8. Arrays, PreprocessorSlides, Video
  9. Random Numbers, Math LibrariesSlides, Video
  10. PointersSlides, Video
  11. More PointersSlides, Video
  12. Characters, StringsSlides, Video
  13. File Input/OutputSlides, Video
  14. StructuresSlides, Video